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Project Gagan

Latest! 🎉 Zero21 conducted the prestigious Project Gagan launch event recently

Simplifying the Shift to Electric Vehicles

We are excited to announce Zero21’s latest project, Project Gagan, which will revolutionise EV adoption.

  • Tell me about Project Gagan – Convert or Exchange:
  • Project Gagan is a game-   Changing program designed to transition of ICE auto-rickshaws to electric Auto rickshaw. Owners have the option to retrofit their existing vehicles with a Conversion Kit, converting them to electric in under four hours, or to exchange them for new electric three-wheelers.
  • Additional Benefit: Roadside Assistance (RSA)
    Introducing a unique Roadside Assistance program reinforces our commitment to improving three-wheeler efficiency.
  • The Aim-To convert 100,000 auto-rickshaws to electric in five years is ambitious but achievable.By focusing on the importance of ground-level execution alongside a dedicated vision and well-planned strategy, Project Gagan makes electric vehicle adoption easier than ever before.


भारत बदल रहा है। अब ३-व्हीलर भी बदलेगा।।
Latest News

Project Gagan

Enables the conversion of ICE 3-wheelers to EV 3-wheelers through retrofitting or exchange, targeting 100,000 conversions in five years. With added Roadside Assistance, it emphasizes accessible EV adoption, embodying India's shift towards sustainable transport and a zero-emission future.

 Powering Sustainable Future

  A N D    C O S T    E F F E C T I V E L Y


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Our Journey

Why we chose the
three-wheeler EV Industry?

Factors such as an increase in demand for affordable commercial vehicles, the global concern for alarming carbon emissions, a rise in the requirement for electric passengers and load carriers, and low maintenance & manufacturing costs, drive the demand for electric Three-Wheelers. India has tremendous demand for public transportation and logistical movement which is effectively serviced by Three-Wheelers across various cities. However, there has not been much innovation in the segment. We at ZERO21, want to rapidly transform this segment and introduce innovative features and service solutions that change the way that we perceive Three-Wheeler based transportation, at the same token giving equal importance to drivers’ and fleet owners’ safety and experience of riding Three-Wheelers. Moreover, converting the existing fossil fuel-run Three-Wheelers to run on renewable energy will bring the necessary impact in terms of the reduction of carbon emissions and noise pollution.

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Rani Srinivas CEO & founder of
ZERO 21 Renewable Energy Solutions

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Fast Сharging

Charge vehicle battery overnight for full day usage

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Convert to electric the easy way

Last Mile Delivery

Simplifying costs for logistic partners

Quiet Commute

Curbing noise pollution with electric motors

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