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Project Gagan Launch

Presenting Project Gagan

We are excited to announce Zero21’s latest project, Project Gagan, which will revolutionize EV adoption.

About Project Gagan : Convert or Exchange-

  • Project Gagan is a game-changing program designed to transition of ICE auto-rickshaws to electric Auto rickshaw.
  • Owners have the option to retrofit their existing vehicles with a Conversion Kit, converting them to electric in under four hours, or to exchange them for new electric three-wheelers.

Additional Benefit: Roadside Assistance (RSA)-

  • Introducing a unique Roadside Assistance program reinforces our commitment to improving three-wheeler efficiency.

The Aim:

  • To convert 100,000 auto-rickshaws to electric in five years is ambitious but achievable.
  • By focusing on the importance of ground-level execution alongside a dedicated vision and well-planned strategy, project Gagan makes electric vehicle adoption easier than ever before.


#भारत बदल रहा है। अब ३-व्हीलर भी बदलेगा।।

#ProjectGagan #AdoptEV


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